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Pawleys Island: Town buys corner lot for $375k in deal to expand park

By Charles Swenson
Coastal Observer

Buying a corner lot on Myrtle Avenue at the North Causeway will give the town of Pawleys Island options, Mayor Bill Otis says.

Town Council this week approved the purchase of the McCarley family home for $375,000. The deal will close April 10.

“There should be no hitches, since we’re paying cash for it,” said David DuRant, the town attorney.

The money will come from state accommodations tax funds.

The property was listed by Pawleys Island Realty for $678,000 after the death last year of Mary Ann McCarley, a North Carolina artist. The difference between the listing price and the sale price will be recorded as a gift from McCarley’s heirs to the town.

The house was built in the 1940s as a store and bar. There is a National Register plaque on the house, but DuRant said there is no evidence the property is actually listed. “Our concern was whether there were any historic preservation easements,” he said.

The town will tear down the building and incorporate the 6,000-square-foot lot into the Nature Park at the east end of the North Causeway. Otis estimates that will cost about $25,000.

The town leases the park for $1 a year from the Pawleys Island Pavilion Co. Otis was a member of the pavilion company until he resigned after being elected mayor. He doesn’t believe the town will ever acquire the rest of the park site.

But the lot is down the street from Town Hall, and could be used if anything happened to that structure, Otis said.

“There are lot reasons long term why it’s good,” he said. “It just opens up options you didn’t have before.”

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