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Election 2010: Council District 6 candidates in primary

By Jackie R. Broach
Coastal Observer

Two Republicans will fight it out in the June primary for a chance to represent Georgetown County Council District 6.

Bob Anderson of Heritage Plantation and Barry McCall of Waverly Road filed to run on the Republican ballot. Incumbent Glen O’Connell announced last year he would not seek re-election.

District 6 encompasses the Pawleys Island area, from Allston Plantation to Litchfield.

While a petition candidate could still enter the race, no Democrats filed to run for District 6. The election of a Republican will mean the GOP keeps the majority of seats on council, which it gained for the first time in 2008.

Anderson, 65, owns Anderson Home Design and Sales. He started the company after retiring from his job with a missile defense contractor in 2000. He turned in paperwork Monday to run in the election, just a day before filing closed.

Anderson never had any aspiration to become a politician, he said, but decided to run for council out of a desire to give something back to his community.

“I’ve been blessed. This country has been good to me and I think we’ve all taken that for granted,” he said. “I’m a conservative Republican and I felt it was time to do something, rather than just complaining all the time. It’s time we go back to work on our values, our morals, and it’s got to be a grassroots movement.”

The county level seemed an ideal place to start, he said.

Anderson admits he hasn’t paid much attention to what County Council has been up to in recent years, but said he’s a quick learner and has something to contribute to the county’s governing body.

“I’ve got some management skills I’ve acquired over 35 years and I think I could put them to good use for our citizens here in Georgetown County,” he said.

He would make decisions based on conservative fiscal principals and “just common sense,” he said.

“I’m not looking to go in and make a big change. I just want us to focus on the fundamentals. Government at all levels, in my opinion, is there to protect us, not to provide so that any one individual is taking advantage of others through the government,” he said.

Anderson is still working on campaign plans.

McCall, retired Pawleys Island magistrate, announced plans to run for council in January and filed March 16. He’s been a Republican all his life, he said, but considered filing as an independent, “because I’m running for a local office, and I believe that should be a nonpartisan position.”

McCall decided to run, he said, because he sees a lot of things that need to be corrected in the county, but the issues he would fight for if elected would be determined by the public. McCall said he wants to give District 6 residents a voice and would treat everyone equally.

“The thing that’s been bothering me more than anything is that all the politicians forget who they work for,” he said. “Me, I don’t have an agenda. I don’t have an answer for anything. The answer comes from the people who vote.”

County Council Oakley, a Republican, represents District 1, which serves Litchfield and Murrells Inlet. Morant, a Democrat, serves District 7 in Georgetown.

House District 108
Political newcomer Kevin Ryan, a Republican, will challenge incumbent Vida Miller, a Democrat, for S.C. House District 108.

Miller, 59, lives in Hagley and is serving in her seventh term. Ryan, 21, is pursuing a master’s degree in public administration at the College of Charleston.

Unseating Miller has long been a goal for the Georgetown County Republican Party and has been named as a top priority for the party this year.

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