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Faith: The Amos 8:11 Revival: ‘It’s got to be about God’

By Sarah L. Smith
Coastal Observer

Music and ministry: the combination helped create three nights of prayer and praise for about 400 people at the Amos 8:11 Revival.

Held in the Waccamaw High School auditorium on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings last week, the program brought people to their feet to dance, raise their arms in praise and lift their voices in song. In between, they listened to special music and heard preachers talk about being a Christian.

“It was such an emotional three nights,” said Rick Russ, one of the event organizers. “People loved it and loved the preaching.”

They heard about the revival at the Bread of Life soup kitchen, on the radio, in newspapers or through word of mouth, folks said.

Although they didn’t know what it would be like, they came out anyway.

“I don’t know what’s going to happen,” Earlene Wilson said. “But it’s a revival so it’s got to be about God.”

Maxine Giles, a revival volunteer, described the event as a way for people to “realize what Jesus is all about.”

After three nights, some people did.

“I know several people gave their lives to Christ,” Russ said.

Russ felt called to hold a revival earlier in the year. After contacting Van Arrington, pastor at The Father’s House, a church that holds Sunday services at the high school, Russ got in touch with churches across the area and found three speakers: Arrington, the Rev. Chris Giles of Ringel Heights Baptist Church in Georgetown and the Rev. Daryl Tanner of Pyerian Baptist Church in Latta.

Musical guests were Gabbie Rae, Lorraine Howard, Ryan Pitts, Solemn Still, a local band, and the Georgetown High School Gospel Choir.

Rae and Pitts sang their own songs and Howard performed a piece she wrote about a friend’s dream. The seven-member gospel choir and Solemn Still led revival participants in song and dance.

When Solemn Still took the stage, people filled the aisles. Hands waved in the air, and people jumped up and down, clapped and sang along. The sounds of “amen,” “that’s right, Jesus,” and “yes, Lord,” punctuated the music.

Before people left, Russ asked them to check out the booklet, “Steps to Peace with God,” volunteers handed out along with the program. Inside, a response card asked them to leave their name, contact information and check a box if they needed help, prayer or were interested in learning about local churches.

“The majority of them were asking for prayers. There were several who were looking for a church, or government agencies for help, and most of them wanted to know when the next revival was going to be,” Russ said.

He hasn’t made any plans yet but thinks the revival team may hold another event in Georgetown by the end of the year, and Andrews next year.

“I’m sure we’re going to do it all over again,” he said. “We are just a small piece here.”

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