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Reassessment: Changes in values draw little comment, officials say

By Jackie R. Broach
Coastal Observer

There’s still no word on how reassessment changed property values throughout Georgetown County, but so far Waccamaw Neck residents seem to be content with the new values on their own properties.

“I’m sure there are some people with an opposing view, but most of the people I’ve talked with seem to be satisfied,” said Linwood Altman, president of the Pawleys Island Civic Association. The group has a membership of about 450 families.

“I’m thinking we would have had calls if there was a different feeling about it,” he said.

Reassessment was discussed briefly at the association’s annual meeting last weekend, Altman added, but not many people had much to say on the topic.

The Litchfield Beaches Property Owners Association hasn’t met since reassessment notices went out, but Richard Smith, the group’s president said he hasn’t heard any complaints yet. The board meets Monday.

County Council Member Jerry Oakley said he hasn’t heard any comments since reassessment notices went out last week.

Officials said they hoped to be able to provide information about how values changed across the county after a meeting last week with staff from the state Department of Revenue.

County Auditor Linda Mock said this week that it’s still to early to comment.

“We are still applying and reviewing our figures,” she said.

Taxing entities are in the process of reviewing their budgets, new assessed values and tax rates to determine how taxes will be affected by reassessment.

Concerns seem to be that releasing information about how property values shifted will cause confusion about new tax values, which won’t be known until the county’s tax rate is adjusted to compensate for changes in property values.

Property owners have 90 days after reassessment notices are sent to file an objection with the assessor’s office.

If the assessor doesn’t agree with the property owner, a conference will be scheduled, during which the taxpayer will be asked to provide additional data to help determine the value of the property.

If no agreement is reached, the property owner can file an appeal with the Board of Assessment Appeals.

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