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Some drivers must downsize at beach accesses

By Charles Swenson
Coastal Observer

Oversized vehicles will no longer be able to park at most beach accesses on Pawleys Island under a change to the parking regulations approved by Town Council this week. Just how big is too big will be determined before the measure gets final reading in May.

The measure is the result of a review of traffic issues by the Planning Commission, which recommended some spaces at the accesses be limited to compact cars. Town Council went a step farther.

Large trucks and SUVs block sight lines and make it hard for other vehicles to get in and out of the accesses, Mayor Bill Otis said.

“It’s the extended cabs,” Council Member Mike Adams said.

“An extended cab with a trailer hitch on it is just murder,” Otis said.

The town can limit the size of vehicles that park on the street ends leading to the beach, Town Attorney David DuRant said. “If it’s a public safety issue, I don’t see why not,” he told the council.

The vehicle size limit won’t apply to the parking lot at the island’s south end.

Rather than limit the types of vehicles, council asked Police Chief Guy Osborne to come up with a maximum length to include in the regulation before it gets final approval. Signs will be posted at the accesses.

“We’re not going to have a sign big enough if we name all these vehicles,” Adams said.

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