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Gun control: Lawmaker sees support for guns in bars

By Jason Lesley
Coastal Observer

Gun control will be a hot topic in the legislature this year and state Rep. Stephen Goldfinch expects one result will be that people will be allowed to take guns into bars.

At a meeting with the Waccamaw Neck GOP Club this week, Goldfinch called himself the biggest supporter of the Second Amendment in the room. “We did not give President Obama a crown today [Monday]. An executive order is not the way to deal with the Second Amendment.”

Goldfinch said he expects laws preventing people from carrying a concealed weapon into an establishment serving alcohol to be eliminated in the coming legislative session.

“I’m a co-sponsor of a bill to do away with that provision,” he said. “That’s going to get done. It’s got huge support.”

He said he also supports allowing teachers and school administrators to voluntarily arm themselves if they pass additional firearm testing and mental health screenings. He would favor teachers wearing a sidearm rather than keeping it in a locked box in the classroom.

“If you are in the cafeteria and somebody comes in,” Goldfinch asked, “how are you going to get to your gun in your lock box? It defeats the purpose to have it in a lock box, in my opinion. If you’re going to give them that responsibility, give them that responsibility. But they need to be the right person to do it.”

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