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Club Isis: Nightclub will remain closed for a year

By Charles Swenson
Coastal Observer

Club Isis, the scene of one of two murders in the Pawleys Island area last year, will remained closed until at least 2014 under a court order issued last week.

But the owner of the nightclub on Highway 17 now faces a claim of negligence from a Georgetown man who was shot in the hand outside the club in December.

The club closed earlier this year after Solicitor Jimmy Wilson petitioned the Circuit Court to have it declared a public nuisance. The request was accompanied by a report from the Georgetown County Sheriff’s Office showing that deputies responded to 144 calls to Club Isis from August 2005 through December 2012. There were 62 arrests in that period.

Sean Edwards, a Connecticut resident, was in the county for a funeral in August when he went to the club for a family birthday party. He was shot and killed. He was 21.

No arrests have been made in the shooting.

According to the sheriff’s office there were also six reports of attempted murder at the club in the last seven years. There were also 29 reports of assault and battery and 26 noise complaints.

The property is owned by B&R Player LLC and/or William D. Player, according to court documents. Player held the state liquor license for the business, listed as Pervy’s Island/Club Isis.

The club “has the general reputation for the unlawful sale of controlled substances and for repeated acts of violence and public disturbances,” Michael Battle, a special prosecutor, said in his petition to the court. “The premises was and now is a public nuisance under the laws of South Carolina.”

He asked for a temporary injunction and a one-year closing.

Judge Ben Culbertson referred the petition to the master in equity, Joe Crosby, last week. Crosby signed a consent order the same day.

Player did not admit that the club is a nuisance.

But he agreed to the injunction and the one-year closing “to avoid further litigation,” according to court documents.

Player or any other owner can petition the master in equity to reopen the property on 10 days’ notice to the solicitor’s office.

Player and his partnerships agree not to allow the property to be used in a way that causes a public nuisance.

The order was issued Friday. On Tuesday, Geramy Greene of Georgetown filed suit in Circuit Court against Player and the partnership alleging they were negligent in failing to keep their customers safe.

The suit cites the same statistics from the sheriff’s office included in the petition from the solicitor’s office.

“Club Isis is a nightclub that serves alcohol and has provided a climate for criminal conduct,” the suit says.

Greene was at the club Dec. 29 for a party given by his cousin. He told deputies that he was approached outside the club by another Georgetown man, Terrance Thompson, an acquaintance. They talked for awhile and Thompson became agitated.

“You trying to play me?” Thompson yelled, in the report Greene gave to deputies.

Thompson pulled out a .22 caliber pistol. Greene said he turned to walk away.

Greene said he saw Thompson pull the trigger, but didn’t realize at first he had been shot. He discovered his left thumb was bleeding.

He told deputies a bouncer took him to the bathroom, washed his hand and wrapped it in paper towels. A friend drove him to Waccamaw Community Hospital.

In his court filing, Greene says Thompson was “heavily intoxicated.” He claims Thompson was served drinks in spite of his condition.

The filing also claims club employees asked Greene to leave the club and the parking lot and would not call police after the shooting.

Greene claims the club failed to provide adequate security to protect its customers and was negligent in failing to keep firearms out of the club and in serving alcohol to someone who was intoxicated.

The suit asks for unspecified actual and punitive damages.

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