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Pawleys Plaza: ARB approves variance for roof design

By Jason Lesley
Coastal Observer

The Waccamaw Neck Architectural Review Board granted Sunbelt Ventures permission to use less pitched roof on a new building its redevelopment of Pawleys Island Plaza than is required by the Georgetown County design code.

The board voted 5-1 Wednesday to allow the variance with Glenda Shoulette opposed.

Mack Cross, development associate for Sunbelt, said the proposed redevelopment met all requirements of the code except the requirement that no more than 50 percent of a building’s roof be flat. “The requirement restricts development of the property,” he said.

The overlay ordinance requires 34,654 square feet of pitched roof. Sunbelt’s proposal spreads 36,441 square feet of pitched roof over six buildings, making the total pitched roofing 52.6 percent.

Pawleys Island Mayor Bill Otis said Lowe’s Foods and Ace Hardware met the design standards. He called Sunbelt’s proposal “hauntingly similar” to its original claim that the shopping center could not be rehabilitated without a 120,000-square-foot anchor store.

Ron Swinson, a developer of the new shopping center at the South Causeway, said that if the board granted Sunbelt a variance for its roof he would consider seeking one.

Board member Sam Plexico said a redevelopment should get additional consideration. “There’s no question what’s being done will increase the value. It’s the worst looking property in Pawleys Island.”

The board voted 5-1 in favor of the variance with only Glenda Shoulette in the minority.

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