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Waccamaw Library: New facility will add staff along with services

By Jason Lesley
Coastal Observer

The new Waccamaw Neck library branch will not only mean new facilities when it opens later this year, it will also provide more service for the public.

County librarian Dwight McInvaill told members of the library board of trustees Saturday at their annual retreat that he will add $417,000 to his annual budget to pay for operations, maintenance and seven new employees at the new branch off Willbrook Boulevard. He said the funds will come from the county’s Capital Improvement Plan.

“According to standards,” McInvaill said, “we are woefully understaffed at the present Waccamaw Neck branch.” He said the present 7,000-square foot branch has not increased its four-person staff for decades while the population it serves has been exploding. The new building will be 10,000 square feet larger, he said, translating into the need for staff. He plans to hire four library professionals and three non-professionals to fill the positions, bringing the library branch’s staff to 11. “We are using very conservative figures for the salaries,” he said. “We are taking what has been necessary at Georgetown and mirroring that at the Waccamaw Neck.”

McInvaill said the library’s lot on Willbrook Boulevard has been cleared, and a concrete slab should be poured within a few weeks. “It’s a huge building compared to what has been on the Waccamaw Neck,” he said, “but it doesn’t have that many rooms. If you can picture a very, large open space.

It’s not a complicated building to put together. The work is being done in a very sensitive way. All the trees along the road and the wetlands are being preserved. It’s a beautiful site.”

He said the expected date for opening the library has been moved to Dec. 7.

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