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Pawleys Island: Town will test security camera at beach access

By Charles Swenson
Coastal Observer

A security camera will be installed at the First Street beach access on Pawleys Island to let the town test its impact on thefts. Town Council also agreed this week to consider two cameras for the county-owned parking lot on the island’s south end.

Last year, the town installed a set of license plate cameras on the two roads leading on and off the island. They give police alerts on vehicles with expired tags or that are wanted in connection with crimes. Police can also use the data to identify suspects in crimes.

The town is considering cameras at the beach accesses as a way to reduce theft from vehicles. “I personally wouldn’t mind having it,” Council Member Sarah Zimmerman said.

Police Chief Mike Fanning got an estimate of $2,500 for a four-camera installation. That would provide views of the access and surrounding streets.

The town would also have a monthly cost, he said.

“See what one camera would cost and one hookup would cost on a monthly basis,” Mayor Bill Otis said, adding that it is the access rather than the street that is the focus of concern.

While First Street is the busiest access outside the south end, there is no pattern to thefts, Fanning said.

He met this week with a vendor and is preparing an estimate for the council. The cost would depend on the service the town wants, he said. For instance the camera could be monitored remotely or just set up to record.

Fanning supports the idea of security cameras. He said they wouldn’t be as noticeable as the traffic cameras, and added that the size of the installation wouldn’t be any larger if there were four cameras rather than one.

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