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Waccamaw Library: Branch out of circulation during move

By Jason Lesley
Coastal Observer

Trudy Bazemore, assistant director of the Georgetown County Library, filled a box with books off the shelf at the old Waccamaw Neck branch Library in Pawleys Island, labeled all four sides and taped a blue strip of paper with “adult fiction” and the books’ shelf numbers to the top.

It’s just one of 1,500 boxes library employees are filling with books and labeling this week in anticipation of the big move to the new $3.2 million Waccamaw Neck branch library off Willbrook Boulevard beginning next week.

“They have to be boxed in order,” said library director Dwight McInvaill. “That will save us time on the other end. We will have a system. When somebody picks up a box they’ll know where it goes.”

McInvaill said the experience gained from moving into a new branch library at Carvers Bay is helping now. The Carvers Bay book collection was purchased over the course of a year and put in storage until the library was finished. He said all the boxing at the Waccamaw Neck branch will be finished by the end of next week when inmates from the county jail are scheduled to help with the move. Library staff will return the books to the shelves at the new library.

“Imagine,” McInvaill said, “after having been here since 1990, the stuff. People who have moved here from other places can appreciate that. This is like moving to a new house, only heavier and more complex. How many people have a book collection in their private home?”

The move to Willbrook has a lot of moving parts, McInvaill said. Carpet is the next item on the builders’ checklist and must be in place before shelving arrives Jan. 21. Shelves from the old branch will be used in storage rooms and the Friends of the Waccamaw Library’s retail shop. Some will be refurbished for the main library. “It’s another way to save money,” McInvaill said. “That’s why we have no moving company. It just takes some sweat.”

McInvaill hopes to have the doors open at the new library by Feb. 14. “That will be our big Valentine for the community,” he said. “The key thing is that we miss our patrons here. We want to open up the doors as soon as possible so we can serve them with a terrific new facility.”

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