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Politics: Call for sidewalks gets frosty reception

By Jason Lesley
Coastal Observer

New Georgetown County Council Member Steve Goggans told Republican women this week that he would like to see more sidewalks in the area.

Forget about it, one member of the Georgetown County Republican Women’s Club told him.

Goggans said he was elected District 6 representative after serving as the leader of a group opposed to the design of a median on Highway 17 in Pawleys Island. “The design compromised so many things in our community,” he said. “The county fell prey to S.C. DOT’s presentation, which frankly is all about traffic flow.”

Goggans said he wanted to make sure the community is more proactive about Phase 2 of the project between Waverly Road and the South Causeway.

He said he was optimistic that both the state and federal governments will enact infrastructure improvements in the near future. “I want to position the county to make sure it has done the up-front preparation and planning, so if those dollars do become available at some point, we have a plan that we’ve put together that the community has good feelings about.”

Goggans said he would like Pawleys Island and Litchfield to become a “more walkable community” with more sidewalks. “Such infrastructure is no longer a luxury,” he said, “but a necessity.” He said there have been accidents involving pedestrians on Kings River and Martin Luther King roads and he sees tourists walking in the weeds on Highway 17.

Linda Caswell, a member of the organization, told Goggans that people moved here because of the low taxes. “You start talking about putting sidewalks in all over this area,” she said, “and our taxes are going to go through the roof.”

Goggans said he is not proposing to build sidewalks with county money but with state and federal dollars that might become available in the future.

“Either way,” Caswell said, “it’s taxes we are going to be paying somewhere down the line, and I don’t think you, as our representative in this area, should be pushing to have sidewalks put in. Consider all the people in the county and not just a few.”

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