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Sidewalks: Council members disagree over study

By Jason Lesley
Coastal Observer

A resident of Murrells Inlet is suggesting Georgetown County place restrictions on a fireworks show planned for New Year’s Eve at midnight by restaurants on the Marsh Walk.

A special events permit will be required of Zambelli Fireworks to launch the show from the Veterans Pier, which is county property.

“It is necessary that all the community impacts be thoroughly evaluated and addressed before a permit is issued,” inlet resident Gary Weinreich wrote in a memo to County Administrator Sel Hemingway and planning director Boyd Johnson. “The rights and concerns of the residents must be given due consideration, no matter how much pressure the seven businesses may bring to bear.”

Weinreich was one of four community residents who brought noise ordinance violation charges against two employees of the fireworks company last year over the Marsh Walk’s Monday night fireworks shows.

Johnson said the fireworks permit hasn’t been issued but doesn’t see any problems that would cause it to be denied. He said the county will require a cleanup of the inlet at first low tide on Jan. 1 as part of the agreement.

Weinreich said the New Year’s Eve fireworks are a promotional event for the Marsh Walk restaurants. Parties involved in the fireworks discussions earlier this year agreed the July 4 fireworks show was a traditional benefit to the community. He said allowing fireworks over the inlet violates environmental and stormwater regulations and is in opposition to the Murrells Inlet Watershed Improvement Plan, adopted by the county.

If the show is permitted, Weinreich suggested a condition of the permit include a $1,000 bond refundable when a detailed report on the number of pieces of each type of debris is completed, certified and submitted within five days. He also suggested the fireworks show be staged at 9 p.m. to minimize the noise disturbance for residents.

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