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Election 2016: GOP delegate will stick with Trump in convention balloting

By Jason Lesley
Coastal Observer

Jerry Rovner, president of the Waccamaw Neck Republican Club, has been elected as a South Carolina delegate to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

U.S. Rep. Tom Rice nominated Rovner at the GOP convention representing counties in the 7th Congressional District and moved he be elected by acclimation. Rovner has been chairman of the district for 3 1/2 years.

Rovner told Waccamaw Neck Republicans this week he will vote for Donald Trump on every ballot until the GOP picks a nominee because he was the choice of the voters in South Carolina. “I’ll stay with Trump,” Rovner said. “That’s who they wanted.”

He said representatives of Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas were trying to convince delegates to the 7th Congressional District GOP convention to move away from Trump after the first ballot at the national convention in Cleveland.

“The people of South Carolina spoke,” Rovner said, “and they said they wanted Trump. I made a pledge to stay with that vote. We had the largest turnout in the history of South Carolina for a presidential primary and we had a person win every county and every delegate. I’m gong to stay with what the people wanted whether I think he’s the greatest person or not. That’s the way I’m going to this convention. I’m going to represent the people here.”

Rovner said this is the first time the nomination process has been scrutinized. Every state has different rules. His brother lives in Pennsylvania where 54 of 71 delegates are unbound, even on the first ballot.

Republican club member Marla Hamby said there ought to be limits on campaign contributions. “Why are we not screaming for campaign finance reform where only ‘We The People’ can contribute money and put a limit on it?” she asked. “It’s obvious to me that the Republican establishment, big donors, lobbyists and special interests are going to do this little sham show and let you vote but what you say doesn’t matter a hill of beans.”

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