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Election 2016: Sheriff candidate says SLED ends investigation into ‘family feud’

By Charles Swenson
Coastal Observer

A candidate for Georgetown County sheriff says the State Law Enforcement Division has closed an investigation into a claim that he and his wife were taking financial advantage of her mother.

“All the allegations were false,” said Darryel Carr, a Litchfield Democrat who is making his second run for sheriff against Republican incumbent Lane Cribb.

A SLED spokesman said Wednesday the agency was asked to investigate, but added “while our work is underway it would be inappropriate to discuss any specific details.”

In March, Ethel Herriott, 75, told a deputy someone tried three times in February to withdraw money from her bank account. She said she suspected her son who lives in Atlanta, and her daughter Sharon, Darryel Carr’s wife. Herriott and her two sisters met with the deputy again a day later and told him that there were unauthorized charges on her credit cards going back to 2009. “According to family members Sharon and Darryl [sic] Carr have been taking advantage of Ms. Herriott financially for several years,” the deputy wrote.

Darryel Carr said he first learned of the accusation when contacted by a reporter. At that time, Herriott was living with him and his wife. Their homes are next door to one another.

A SLED agent spoke with Herriott last week and she provided a written statement that she didn’t want to pursue the matter. Neither Carr nor his wife were questioned by SLED, but he said he spoke with the agent by phone and was told the investigation was over.

“They didn’t find any wrongdoing on my behalf or my wife’s behalf,” Carr said. “My mother-in-law is like a mom to me. Why would I take advantage of her?”

Sharon Carr said the complaint stems from a family dispute over the sale of property. “It’s been an ongoing thing for about three years,” she said, and Darryel got pulled into it.

“I’m a candidate for office. I have to expect this,” Darryel Carr said. The complaint to the sheriff’s office was made a week after he filed to run.

Carr sees politics in the family’s decision to make a complaint and in the sheriff’s office decision to turn the case over to SLED without following up with him or his wife. He called it “a political stunt.”

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