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Arts: Waccamaw Middle School poets sweep library contest

By Charles Swenson
Coastal Observer

From 170 entries, there were five winners. But they share one teacher, Liz Intrieri, the eighth-grade honors English teacher at Waccamaw Middle School.

The Friends of the Waccamaw Library is now in the eighth year of its poetry competition for students on the Waccamaw Neck. John Eveleigh, Connie Graham and Paula Hero were this year’s judges. The only criteria was they had to like a poem.

Samantha Arnold, Sarah Bankert, Kimmie Cerasaro, Nygeré Jones and Covey Loftus all received a Friends tote bag containing a poetry book, a journal, a slate and chocolate.

“Poetry is sort of like a Kodak moment on paper,” said Cathy Filiatreau, who organizes the contest. And to students who may have heard about struggling poets, she added, “You’ve got a lot of people out there making money off of poetry, like Taylor Swift and Willie Nelson.”

Intrieri requires her students to enter the contest because she had to enter a speech contest when she was in school. She didn’t think she would win, but she did. Her students only get extra credit if they submit two poems, Intrieri said.

Arnold said she would have entered anyway. She wrote about bullying. “Mrs. Intrieri told us to write about something we’re passionate about,” she said. “There’s a lot of bullying that goes on.”

Loftus said he needed the extra push from his teacher to channel his inner Robert Frost and submit a poem. “I like how he’d take a moment in nature and expand on it,” he said.

Intrieri didn’t edit the poems, but said students could edit each other’s work if they wanted. Only entering was not an option.

When Winter’s Touch is Gone

My shoes disappear
As my feet share in the relieving gift given by spring
This gift so precious after months of winter’s wrath
I stride across the wooden planks
That lead me to the shore
When there, I take it in
All of it
The sun’s gentle rays that warm me
The mild wind that rustles my hair
The warm sand like a soothing massage under my feet
But I have not felt it all
I glide over to the water’s edge
And listen to the roaring waves
That crash in the shallow blue tide
And watch their pattern
How they build, surge, retreat and repeat
And finally, I get close
Close enough to where the water rushes onto my feet
Then shivers run up my body
This great body of water still carries the touch of winter – I back away
To where I can be reminded of the approaching summer
And forget the coldness that plagues the water
I walk back across the sand and conceal my feet – I look back
At the glorious scene that is my past, present, and future
As I look, a passion grows within me
A passion to return
When winter’s touch is gone.

– Covey Loftus

Friendly Shadow
As I walked, skipped, jumped and dance,
My friend followed me.

He was mischievous, making every move I make.
He was fun, imitating my dance moves on the beach.
When there was light, he was always there.
In dark times, he ran away.

I wonder why he ran away.
He followed every move I made,
Every move I took,
But when light falls,
He leaves.

My good friend,
There in light,
Hiding during the dark.
I soon realized who he was.
My shadow.
Always there, but hidden.

– Kimmie Cerasaro

Life Goes On …
Life goes on
Goes up and down
You never know
Until it comes around

We try to smile
Through good and bad
Depend on friends
To keep you away from sad

The journey is long
And the road is rough
Faith and hope
Will be enough

Don’t waste a day
In anger and regret
Keep joy in your heart
Your needs will be met

– Nygeré Jones

Time is like an hourglass that never stops.
Grain by grain your time
Keeps disappearing.
Time doesn’t wait.
What happens
When your
Time runs
There is
No way to
Get your time
Back. Keep living
The life you want to live
Because time does not wait.
Time is like an hourglass that never stops.

– Sarah Bankert

What Will it Take?
Feelings are hurt
Doesn’t matter to you
Sobs escape from the bathroom walls
Doesn’t affect you
Push away meals; lost an appetite
Doesn’t faze you
Grades drop
Doesn’t bother you
Dreads waking up
Doesn’t concern you
Would rather die than be who they are
Doesn’t stress you
Words in the head cut deeper than the blade does
Doesn’t pain you
Absent marks are made because of shear fright
Doesn’t torment you
Takes away life
Still doesn’t matter
What does it take to see
That what you say matters

– Samantha Arnold

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