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Politics: Convention delegate optimistic about GOP unity

By Jason Lesley
Coastal Observer

Republican National Convention delegate Jerry Rovner of Pawleys Island expects to see a lot of energy from nominee Donald Trump during his acceptance speech tonight in Cleveland.

Despite some notable absences from the convention, including Gov. John Kasich of Ohio, Rovner believes Republicans will leave united behind Trump. “People from a lot of areas are coming to Trump,” he said. They see the November election as a pivotal point in American politics, he said, with the next president appointing a number of Supreme Court justices.

Rovner said he was impressed with Trump’s children on Tuesday night. “You can judge people by their kids, how nice and polite and educated they are. You’ve got to be impressed with Trump’s kids.”

He said Melania Trump’s speech on Monday was “fabulous” and the resulting coverage about part of it being cribbed from a speech by Michelle Obama was “petty.”

Rovner said he’s become a fan of South Carolina Lt. Gov. Henry McMaster, who placed Trump’s name in nomination at the convention. “He’s a real gentleman, and made us all proud of South Carolina,” Rovner said. “He’s been on the floor with us the whole time.” Gov. Nikki Haley has been less enthusiastic about the GOP nominee. She told her delegation that she would support him but didn’t mention his name, according to Rovner.

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani made a strong statement during his time at the convention podium, Rovner said. “If Rudy Giuliani had talked like he did Tuesday night, he’d be president,” Rovner said. “I’ve never seen Rudy more animated with a more positive message and totally full of emotion.”

Rovner said it has been a treat to mingle with celebrities on the convention floor. There are speakers at the state’s breakfasts, and food at every event he attends. “I’ll be coming home with about 10 extra pounds,” he said.

Security on the streets has not been an issue. “I believe a lot of protesters stayed away because of the sobering fact that policemen had been killed,” he said. “People think that maybe they have gone too far.” Rovner said protesters had a permit for 5,000 people to march and “nobody showed up.”

He said the convention-goers thank Cleveland police officers for their presence. He went to investigate one incident and found three protesters surrounded by about 15 television cameras and even more police. “We haven’t been exposed to anything,” Rovner said. “Security is good. We haven’t had any problems.”

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