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Sports: District raises pay for coaches outside top tier

By Charles Swenson
Coastal Observer

Pay for coaches in Georgetown County public schools still follows the money, but it is catching up for those sports that don’t generate much – or even any – revenue through ticket sales.

The Georgetown County School Board last week approved increases in salary supplements for those who coach 10 sports. It was the second round of raises in two years. Athletics directors also got a raise to $8,000. For the last year they had been paid the same as head football coaches: $7,500.

“A lot of my minor sports coaches got significant raises,” Waccamaw High principal David Hammel said. “We’ve have a lot of success in those sports.”

The Warriors won state championships last year in girls cross country, girls track and field and boys golf. Those coaches all got raises. “I’m glad to be competitive with Horry County and the schools around Charleston,” Hammel said. “It keeps us from losing our youngest and brightest coaches.”

The boys golf coach, Chris Daily, a teaching pro at True Blue, stepped down to pursue a degree at the Medical University of South Carolina. A replacement is due to be named soon, Hammel said. While the extra pay won’t be a factor, “every little bit helps,” he added.

Varsity baseball, softball and basketball coaches are paid $4,000, the same as last year. Varsity cheerleading coaches got a 54 percent raise this year to put them in the same category.

“We’ve got some things in line across the board on some of the other athletic teams,” School Board Member Richard Kerr said. “I like what we’ve done.”

Moving up to $3,000 are track, soccer, wrestling, volleyball and lacrosse. Those coaches all got a $500 raise.

Tennis, golf, swimming, cross country and competition cheer coaches will now get $2,500. That’s a $1,000 boost for all but competition cheer, which went up $500.

Coaches also get an extra 10 percent of the supplement for each week that their team competes beyond the regular season.

The new pay schedule now includes an assistant lacrosse coach and JV wrestling coach at $1,500. JV football teams are now allowed a third assistant coach at $3,500.

All high schools are now allowed a part-time assistant athletics director. Those had been limited by enrollment to Georgetown and Waccamaw. The assistant gets $2,000, up from $1,500.

Sports aren’t the only extracurricular activities where teachers get supplements. The new pay schedule also includes a $500 raise for high school band directors to $4,500 and for middle school band directors to $1,500.

Drama club advisors got a $500 raise to $1,500.

School webmasters, who were added to the supplement schedule at $500 in 2013, got a raise this year to $1,000.

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