112317 Roads: Intersection work will detour Stables Park traffic
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Trees are being cleared so a turning lane can be added at the intersection.

Roads: Intersection work will detour Stables Park traffic

By Charles Swenson
Coastal Observer

Improvements to the intersection and Martin Luther King Road and Petigru Drive that started this month will require a detour for traffic to Stables Park. But the timetable is still uncertain and Georgetown County has no starting date for paving Petigru Drive to the park entrance.

“We’re still working on design and right of way,” said Ray Funnye, the county director of Public Works. “We’re close to finishing the design.”

Work at the intersection is part of a $1 million state Department of Transportation project that will create a left-turn lane on Martin Luther King. The county has committed to pave two-thirds of a mile of Petigru between Martin Luther King and Aspen Loop in Litchfield Country Club. That work is estimated to cost $625,000.

The county was unable to acquire right of way along Petigru from the owners of heirs property that it hoped would allow it to avoid cutting large oaks along the road. It now needs to seek additional right of way from the River Club, part of the Litchfield by the Sea Community Association, to avoid the trees. Funnye said that has not been done yet.

But the DOT work will require the county to provide another route to the park, Funnye said. The portion of Petigru that connects with Litchfield Country Club isn’t wide enough to accommodate park traffic safely. So park users will have to come off Highway 17 at Ford Road, which connects to an undeveloped part of the facility.

“There’s already a road bed that goes through there,” said Beth Goodale, the county director of Parks and Recreation.

The property takes its name from the former Litchfield Plantation riding stables and pastures that once occupied the site. It was reached by a road from Litchfield Country Club, which is now closed.

Funnye said the old road will be upgraded to handle the traffic to the ballfields at Stables Park. He was waiting to hear from Parks and Recreation about the upgrade. Goodale said she was waiting to hear from Public Works about the schedule.

“It’s supposed to be this year,” Goodale said. “This time of year, it’s ideal. There’s not much going on.”

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