031518 Breaking news: Error in lines put part of Georgetown County in Horry
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The gap in the lines is widest at the Waccamaw River. The red line marks the official boundary. Horry County parcels are in blue. Click here to see full map.

Error in lines put part of Georgetown County in Horry

By Charles Swenson
Coastal Observer

About 200 parcels on the southern edge of Horry County along the Waccamaw Neck are actually in Georgetown County, according to state officials. The error has the potential to affect property taxes, voting districts and school attendance lines.

The discrepancy between the boundary recognized by the county and the one adopted by state statute was discovered during a review of the South Carolina-North Carolina state line. (Click here to see the map.)

State Rep. Lee Hewitt and Rep. Russell Fry will introduce legislation next week to allow voters in the area to decide by referendum which county they prefer. If two-thirds vote to stay in Horry County, the line will be changed by statute.

“People who thought they were in Horry were in Georgetown,” Hewitt said. The line recognized by the counties matches the state’s line at the beachfront, but they diverge as the line runs west to the Waccamaw River. The county line on the west side of the river isn’t affected, Hewitt said.

Most of the parcels are in the Prince Creek community.

The state Office of Revenue and Fiscal Affairs discovered the error. “These situations are popping up all over the state,” Hewitt said.

The legislation proposed by Hewitt and Fry also preserves the status quo until the referendum is held.

“It’s unfortunate this border error has occurred and that many residents and property owners are caught up in this through no fault of their own,” he said. “This legislation Russell and I are introducing is the best and most equitable way to resolve the issue.”

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