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Dezignworkz: Decorators share their secrets

By Jason Lesley
Coastal Observer

Mindy McVay and Tracy Hanna Foye have spent their careers making other people’s houses beautiful. Now they want to teach people their secrets.

McVay, an interior designer, and Foye, a painter, have started Dezignworkz, The Art Box, in the Commerce Trade Center at 235 Commerce Drive, Suite 304. They have scheduled classes to teach painting, sculpture, beaded jewelry and calligraphy among others this summer and want others to share their appreciation for art.

McVay and Foye have known each other for years and worked together on projects. Foye painted murals and furniture for McVay’s designs. Both were working out of their homes and wanted to find a studio. “People kept asking us to teach classes,” McVay said. They plan to mix fun with their art. Foye is teaching an art class for children and has a painting class for adults, Design on Wine, which is BYOB and paint. McVay teaches a beaded jewelry class called “Beadin and Boozin.”

There will be sculpture classes — McVay is a sculptor too — and others to learn shell art, pottery painting, and mixed media.

McVay, a member of the American Society of Interior Design, still maintains a design business that will be part of the new enterprise along with another business selling porch swing beds. She plans to go to individual’s houses and share her knowledge on color, window treatments, and kitchen and outdoor space design. “It’s like private lessons in your home,” she said. She plans classes for youngsters thinking about interior design as a career.

Foye, who has a bachelor’s degree in fine arts, will teach classes in acrylic, watercolor and oils while getting back to more of her own work on canvas.

Dezignworkz will also bring in artists for classes. Danny McLaughlin will teach a plein air painting workshop, and Jane Woodward is scheduled for a painting workshop in July.

“We want teach people to enjoy and learn about art the way we have,” McVay said. “Have the experience of appreciating art.”

Contact McVay at 843-424-6701 and Foye at 843-240-8040 or go to www.dezignworkz.net.

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