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The penny: Capital improvement sales tax

Dredging: $7.3 million

Port revival moves ahead as referendum nears

A shallow-draft ship carrying steel billets for a manufacturer in Conway will arrive in the Port of Georgetown in about a month. Read more...

Libraries: $11.5 million

Libraries see demand driving plans for growth

Dwight McInvaill, county library director, keeps a newspaper clipping from 1935 to remind him that things really are better today. Read more...

Recreation: $12.1 million

Park projects pitched as economic development tools

Years ago, a group of Georgetown County residents envisioned a county with up-scale sports facilities that would spur a wave of recreational tourism while providing better places for local children — and adults — to play. Read more

Roads: $7.5 million. Fire stations: $1.5 million

Groups differ over timing of improvements


The committees

Campaigns spread the word – pro and con – over referendum

The battle lines over a proposed 1-cent sales tax increase for capital projects in Georgetown County are being drawn. Read more...

Read the question on the sample ballot for Tuesday’s election online.

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