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The women behind the statistics

Jennifer looked nervous as she waited for a taxi on a recent afternoon. When it arrived, it would take her and her young daughter, Molly, away from Georgetown County and the life they had made here. Read more...

Family Justice Center works toward solutions

Looking around the Family Justice Center in Georgetown, Garvey and Carol Winans can’t help but feel happy — and perhaps a little awed. Read more...

Why don't the leave? The answers are varied

Hearing tales of domestic violence, people often wonder why the victims stay with a spouse or partner who hurts them. Read more...

Children often follow parents into patterns of abuse

Brandon was about 10 when Donna Watkins, a volunteer counselor who works with victims of domestic violence, last saw him. Read more...

For teens, media send troubling messages

In talking with teen girls in abusive relationships, JoAnne Patterson used to hear that the violence evolved slowly. Read more...

Shelters provide the first step on path away from abuse

When JoAnne Patterson first laid eyes on Holly, the young woman was literally black and blue all over. “I couldn’t even tell her ethnicity, because the bruising was so bad,” recalled Patterson, director of Citizens Against Spouse Abuse. Read more...

Abuse comes with a stigma for male victims

The vast majority of domestic abuse victims, about 85 percent, are female. Most people never give much thought to the men who make up the other 15 percent and, as a whole, those men don’t talk much about what they’ve endured. Read more...

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