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Politics: Democrats may see a primary in District 108

By Jackie R. Broach
Coastal Observer

A Georgetown Democrat is unsure if he will run for House District 108, but the party chairwoman expects a second candidate to seek the party’s nomination.

The Rev. Jamie “Jerrod” Moultrie, 35, a Georgetown area resident, said he is contemplating a run for the seat, but he wants to meet with the other Democrat in the race first. He hopes to have a lunch meeting in the next day or two with Jarrod Ownbey, who announced his candidacy last month, to learn more about his platform.

“After talking with him, I’m contemplating a lot of things,” Moultrie said. “I don’t want to split the ticket. It’s all about the best candidate going to Columbia.”

If Moultrie decides Ownbey is the best candidate, he won’t run, he said. “I’m not going to run just to run.”

But Nancy Kolman, the Democratic Party chairwoman, said she has heard from yet another candidate whom she expects to announce soon. She declined to provide details. That would set up a rare Democratic primary in a district with a solid Republican majority.

Asked what he would be looking for during a meeting with Ownbey, Moultrie said he would rather not say.

He also wasn’t ready to talk about issues he would like to tackle in Columbia or give personal information about himself.

“If I decide not to run, it’s not relevant,” he said.

He was willing to talk about what motivated him to start considering running for office.

“I was just unhappy with the way we were represented” in the last year, he said. He praised the job done by Democrat Vida Miller, who was the representative for District 108 for 14 years before being unseated in 2010. But he hasn’t been pleased with her successor, Republican Kevin Ryan. He didn’t want to say what he didn’t like about Ryan, but did say he wasn’t impressed with Ryan’s decision not to seek a second term.

“He gave the seat up. If that’s the case, he shouldn’t have run in the first place and should have let Vida Miller stay on,” he said.

Nancy Kolman, who chairs the Georgetown County Democratic Party, said she spoke to Moultrie for about an hour about the possibility of his run. The party should soon have another candidate announcement to make, she added, but wouldn’t give details about the candidate.

The Democrats will have their Christmas party at 6 p.m. Dec. 12 at the Steelworkers Union Hall in Georgetown. Several candidates will be on hand.

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