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Election 2012: State board upholds school board vote

The S.C. Election Commission ruled today in Columbia that Richard Kerr’s 22-vote victory over Peggy Wheeler-Cribb in the Georgetown County School Board District 6 race will stand.

Kerr appealed a ruling by the Georgetown Board of Registration and Elections ordering a new election.

Kerr said the state board voted 5-0 in favor of restoring the Nov. 6 election result. Any appeal of the ruling would go directly to the state Supreme Court.

“This is the reason we decided to take it to the state level,” Kerr said. “There was no evidence presented that people didn’t vote the way they wanted.”

He said the county board’s decision was based on “pure emotion.”

Wheeler-Cribb protested the result of the election after Billy Altman, a member of the county election board, said an estimated 240 voters in the Murrells Inlet 2 precinct may have been given the wrong school board ballot. The ballot confusion, Altman said, springs from the fact that Murrells Inlet 2 was divided between Districts 1 and 6 after the 2010 Census.

“The legal standards supported our case,” Kerr said.

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