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Pawleys Island: Mother and son kidnapped from island home

By Charles Swenson
Coastal Observer

Two Pawleys Island mainland men face charges in the kidnapping and robbery of two island residents early Wednesday, according to Pawleys Island Police.

A woman and her son, 19, were taken from their home on Myrtle Avenue at gunpoint, driven to an ATM and forced to withdraw money, Chief Guy Osborne said.

A call to 911 about a domestic dispute around 2 a.m. sent a police officer and Georgetown County deputies to the house. It was empty. The caller arrived to say she was on the phone with the woman when she heard the son cursing at the woman.

“They have a gun” the caller heard the son shout.

Police called the woman’s cellphone. She was in the kidnapper’s pickup and pretended to be talking with her sister, Osborne said. She told police she was at Walmart in Georgetown.

Deputies and Georgetown City Police arrived at Walmart. The pickup drove off, but crashed into a home on Frasier Street as police gave chase.

The kidnappers ran off. The woman and her son were treated for minor injuries at the hospital and released.

Pawleys Island Police obtained arrest warrants Wednesday for Dyshan Frasier, 19, of 40 Spottail Ln., and Nequan Brown, 17, of 33 Wisteria Plantation Dr., Osborne said. They are charged with first degree burglary, two counts of kidnapping, robbery and carjacking, he said.

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