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Election 2012: Rice, Tinubu win in 7th Disrict

Republican Tom Rice and Democrat Gloria Bromell Tinubu raised their share of the vote in Georgetown County during Tuesday's runoff election on their way to winning their parties' nominations in the 7th Congressional District.

They both won the county in the June 12 primary, but failed to win a majority of votes in the district.

Rice, the Horry County Council chairman, added 642 votes in the county to finish with a 2,476-1,301 victory over André Bauer, a former lieutenant governor. Rice increased his take of the vote in all nine Waccamaw Neck precincts. Bauer picked up new votes in five of those precincts.

In the district as as a whole, Rice won 16,797-13,148 over Bauer, who claimed the endorsement of the tea party wing.

In the Democratic primary, Tinubu won the county 2,580-373 over Preston Brittain, a Myrtle Beach attorney. The runoff was the result of a Circuit Court judge's ruling that Tinubu, who teachers at Coastal Carolina University, didn't have a majority in the June 12 primary.

Tinubu won the distrtict 17,876-6,718 over Brittain, who dropped over 5,600 votes from the June 12 primary.

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