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Tide chart: Moon over Hobcaw wins contest

Photographer Don Withers loves the light — and the dark — at Hobcaw.

His photo of last May’s “super moon” rising over the beach with a bare tree in the foreground has been selected for publication with this year’s state tide chart.

Withers said he went to Hobcaw Beach specifically for the moon at its closest point to earth.

“It almost didn’t look real it was so big and so close,” Withers said.

The moon was partially hidden by clouds as it came up over the horizon, Withers said, but the clouds parted and he shot a quick double exposure then slowed his shutter speed to freeze the tide and shot a half-dozen more.

Beth Thomas of the Hobcaw Barony staff encouraged Withers to enter the photo in the tide chart contest. “They were pretty excited down there,” Withers said.

Withers, who moved here three years ago from Annapolis, Md., said he also likes to visit Hobcaw Beach in the dark to shoot stars. “It’s so dark down there,” he said, “you can’t see your hand in front of your face.”

Charts are available at Hobcaw, Pawleys Island Realty and the Coastal Observer.

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