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Education: District gets double-excellent on state report card

By Charles Swenson
Coastal Observer

The Georgetown County School District was one of seven in the state that received "excellent" overall ratings and "excellent" growth ratings on their annual report cards. The district earned excellent overall ratings the previous two years. Its growth rating improve from "below average" in 2011, to "average" in 2012 and "good" in 2013.

The ratings are based on state education goals and improvements in graduation rates are a major factor in the improved results, according to the S.C. Education Oversight Committee.

The four Waccamaw schools all had excellent overall ratings. Waccamaw High and Waccamaw Elementary earned excellent growth ratings. Waccamaw Middle and Waccamaw Intermediate had growth ratings of "good." Coastal Montessori Charter School was rated "average" in both categories.

Carvers Bay High was also excellent in both categories. Georgetown High was excellent overall.

"This is the result that can happen when many people work together for a common goal," Superintendent Randy Dozier said. "We look forward to future successes and continued improvements."

The state Department of Education last month issued report cards with letter grades measuring achievement toward federal education goals. The district received a C. State Superintendent of Education Mick Zais said the federal report is "far more rigorous, holds schools to a higher performance standard and assigns grades that convey a clear message."

The state reports are based on results on standardized tests. They won't be issued in the next two years as the state works to consolidate the reporting systems. Zais, who steps down next year after serving one term, thinks the federal report should be the standard for the new state reports. School and district officials say the information in the federal report card doesn't include data from all students, and they say some of the data that is measured isn't useful in guiding schools to improve learning.

The report cards are available online.

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