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Legislature: Delegation forms task force on port dredging

Georgetown County’s legislative delegation was expected to make one appointment at a meeting in Georgetown on Wednesday.

Instead it made 11.

Bill Crowther of Murrells Inlet was appointed to the Waccamaw Regional Education Center Advisory Board. That was the seat the group expected to fill.

Then state Sen. Yancey McGill proposed the creation of a nine-member Georgetown County Port Dredging Task Force. The group will work with the State Ports Authority, General Assembly and Army Corps of Engineers to get dredging accomplished at the Georgetown port, which local officials have named as a key to economic development in the county.

The decision to create the group is the most important decision the delegation has made in the last decade, according to McGill.

The move was sparked by a letter McGill received in July from the president and CEO of the State Ports Authority regarding the possibility of an agreement that would allow the corps to receive state funds to complete the dredging and disposal area maintenance needed to return the Georgetown harbor to its authorized 27-foot depth.

“We’re real close now on this port,” McGill said.

At McGill’s recommendation, the delegation appointed Tim Tilley, president of EnviroSep, to chair the committee. Sel Hemingway, county administrator; Jim Jerow, Georgetown County Republican Party chairman and former chairman of the county development commission; Vida Miller, former state House member; Georgetown Mayor Jack Scoville; and the four delegation members were appointed to serve on the task force.

Wayne Gregory, the county’s director of economic development was added to the list as suggested by state Rep. Carl Anderson.

The delegation is accepting applications from others who may be interested in serving. They didn’t set a limit for how many members the task force should have.

Jerow is working with Tilley to organize a meeting of the task force within the next two weeks.

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