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Even in the doldrums, there's work to do

By Bob Hearle

Welcome fellow gardeners to the summer doldrums of gardening. Now that the temperatures reach the mid-90s with the humidity not far behind, working in the garden is just not fun. Although when you think about it neither is sitting on the beach with not much breeze. This is the time to enjoy the fruits of your previous labor.

Seed collectors should wait until the last few blooms and then collect. If you have a hybrid variety, remember that the seeds will not produce true replicas of the flowers.

Continue to water and apply a slow release fertilizer if you have not already done so. Plant autumn crocus now and divide your spring bulbs, especially daffodils, if crowded when the leaves die back.

Dethatch your lawn and continue to water. Use 1 inch per week for clay soils and ½ inch every three days for sandy soils.

Perennial bargains can be found at the garden center now and should be planted without fear. Just make sure you give them adequate water.

If necessary, fertilize palms with a slow release nitrogen fertilizer, one with a high first number.

Bob Hearle is a certified master gardener who lives and gardens at Pawleys Island.

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