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Higher ed center offers garden classes

By Bob Hearle

Greetings fellow gardeners where ever you may be this summer. Just a few quick reminders as we swelter through the month of August.

The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute offers several excellent gardening courses and experiences here at the Waccamaw Higher Education Center on Wilbrook Boulevard. The Waccamaw Garden Club meets monthly under the direction of Sue Mushock Myers, one of the most experienced gardeners in this area. Sue also offers a course on Second Season gardening.

A general course in growing plants, especially for displaced Northerners, is offered under Connecticut Yankee's Plants in King George's Garden taught by yours truly.

A course in botany offering an in-depth look at plant structure and growth rounds out the fall offerings. The course is taught by Richard Hull, of the University of Rhode Island.

Any or all of these courses will be useful to gardeners at all levels of expertise. Contact the Learning Center at 843-349-6584 or go online for registration details.

Continuing the goal I set last time of visiting public gardens along our travels, I have listed several more options:

  • Cypress Gardens in Moncks Corner

  • Hopeland Garrdens and Rye Patch in Aiken

  • Kalmia Gardens of Coker College in Hartsville

  • Daniel Boone Native Gardens at Boone, N.C.

  • Greensboro Arboretum in Greensboro, N.C.

  • Greensboro Bicentennial Garden and Bog Garden in Greensboro

  • J.C. Raulston Arboretum in Raleigh

  • Raleigh Municipal Rose Garden in Raleigh

  • Reynolds Gardens of Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem

    If you happen to be in Bishopsville, SC you need to visit the Topiary Gardens of Pearl Fryar at his home as well as those in the center of the city and Coker College. He is self taught and world-recognized in the art of contemporary form topiary. A nicer man you will never meet.

    Bob Hearle is a certified master gardener who lives and gardens at Pawleys Island.

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